Eric (Jiun-Yan) Chen

I am a Software Engineer interested in desktop user applications, backend servers, and data processing pipelines.


Senior DevOps Engineer

InterSystems Corporation

  • Led a team to build a customer facing service for accessing and browsing corporate container repository.
  • Implement SSO with OAuth and LDAP, and logging system for legacy corporate applications.
  • Redesign multiple enterprise and production systems to be more stable and resilient, include monitoring and preemptive alerts, and setting up Infrastructure as Code pipelines for re-spins and disaster recovery.
  • Create pipelines using tools like GitLab, Jenkin, and Ansible to deploy code and instantiates services to cloud platforms, including AWS, Azure, and internal private cloud.
  • Designed a system to create automated source code merging based on user set schedules
  • Work with Terraform, Ansible, and Kubernetes to setup services to enable edge server distribution for product repositories.

Sep. 2021 - Present
Jan. 2021 - May 2021

Research Assistant

Boston University - Hariri Institute

End-to-end Application and Deployment Server for Secure Multi-Party Computing (SMPC) Library
  • Presented research progress at BU Focus Research Program Workshop: Secure analytics on mobile health data streams
  • Ref: Workshop link
  • Automated VM spinups using Ansible on AWS, GCP, Azure managed machines
  • RESTful API server using TypeScript and node.js
    • Uses ansible-playbooks to setup environment for SMPC query calculation.
    • Performs data parsing on dataset-shares to align with query plan.
    • Provides permission control on data set and query building for data analysts.
  • Prototype front-end using React.js for demoing potential usecases to clients.
  • Automated testing system for library development for testing network latency and throughput on cross-platform and cross region queries.
  • Ref:

Sep. 2021 - Present
Jan. 2021 - May 2021

Software Engineer Intern

Google LLC

Refine internal cost attribution data-pipeline
  • Design new implementation for data pipelines and create corresponding design docs.
  • Updating C++ Flume pipelines to cover edge cases and additional cost categories.
  • Perform analysis on scripts using SQL to analyze viability of upstream data merges.
  • Improved data quality of data mart, establishing a normalized metric to reduce sensitivity to upstream anomalies, covering over 17% of current tracked jobs.
  • Increase cost coverage of the data-pipeline by expanding scope to other resources. Increasing coverage for 12.5% of jobs for target-scope.

June 2021 - Aug. 2021

Data Engineer Intern

Shopee Ltd.

Item Portfolio Coverage Compared to Competitors
  • Design and implement a system that performs item similarity matching between company and competitor’s product portfolio. Written in C# .NET core
    • Highly parallelized system ran on GCP with automatic scaling to different CPU and memory sizes.
    • Provides a webpage with Blazor and RESTful for users, and a python interface for automations.
    • Connects with Entity Framework core to a self-hosted MySQL database, updated daily by crawling competitor’s websites.
    • Used to populate a Google Dashboard for price comparison and item coverage for strategy making
Warehouse and packaging box optimizations.
  • Create a custom machine learning model that calculates the optimal boxes sizes for warehouse uses. Written in C# and Python
    • Designed custom modified k-mediod algorithm for finding optimal box sizes.
    • Identify outliers that don't fit within regular packaging materials.
    • Monthly savings of 10% in material costs, 2% in logistic costs, and 6% increase in usage.

Mar. 2020 - Aug. 2020


Boston University

Master of Science in Computer Science
GPA: 3.86

Relevant Courses: Mobile App Development, User-Centric System Design, Network Security

September 2020 - January 2022

National Taiwan University

Bachelor in Business Administration in Finance
GPA: 3.52

Relevant Courses: Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Algorithms, Data Structures and Advanced Program Design, Programming Design, Database Management, Information Management

Septebmer 2015 - June 2019


Programming Languages


I enjoy writing tools and programs to help my everyday tasks, looking up ways to techify my life, enjoy playing video games, and sometimes modding them too.

I'm a dog lover, though do not currently have the luxury to have own one.